Introducing The Up & Out


The Up & Out gives you an additional support on to help you out of your car. Its unique design allows it to support up to 300 lbs of pressure and it fits on most cars.


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Easy to Use

The Up & Out clips on your door striker and can be stored easily in your car when you are done with it.

Push & Pull

The unique design of this product allows you to push and pull on it to help you get out of your car!

Designed for Strength

The Up & Out is made using high quality materials that can support up to 300 lbs of pressure.

Avoid Injuries

Getting out of your car can be tough, but the Up & Out makes it safe by providing you with extra support!

Perfect for Winter

Avoid slipping on ice, snow or wet surfaces when you get out of your car.

Fast Shipping

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The Story of The Up & Out

Introducing The Up & Out

An Idea to Help

The Up & Out is the product of years of cooperation between a Mother and her son. After a long career in assistive care, Linda realized that many assistive care products were not truly designed with the user in mind. One day, she approached her son with an idea. After seeing the inadequacy of the products currently on the market, she envisioned a simple solution that would help her clients stabilize themselves when exiting a car.

Introducing The Up & Out

Designed for People

When Jonathan agreed to help her with the project, she began to inquire and observe her clients see what they really needed. She quickly realized that for many of them, getting out of their car was extremely difficult and painful. After testing the existing solutions, she realized that in order to truly help the clients, the "cane" would need to extend further from the car and allow them to pull themselves up.

Introducing The Up & Out

Made to Last

Mrs. Voisin approached her son Jonathan with the idea. With over 15 years of experience designing and machining molds for plastic products, Jonathan realized that this would be quite a challenge. The product would have to be sturdy enough to support all of the force applied to it, but it would also need to be small enough to manipulate easily. After dozens of failed prototypes, the final design was selected and The Up & Out was born.


Don't take our word for it! Check out what some of our customers think of their Up & Out.


I received my Up & Out and it's great! I can clip it on easily and it really helps me get out of my car. - Lola, St-Hubert

Introducing The Up & Out

I bought one for my Mom and gave it as a gift on Mother's day. She loves it.
- Donna R., Oshawa, ON

Introducing The Up & Out

I ordered it and received it two days later. Happy with it so far.
- Lisa V., Shawinigan, QC

Introducing The Up & Out


We've compiled some of the questions we receive most often, but if ever you have other questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

Does The Up & Out fit on all cars?

No. The Up & Out was specifically designed for cars with the door striker shown here. It will not work on any other cars or trucks.

How long does it take to deliver?

We ship our orders within 48 hours of receiving them. We ship from Montreal, Quebec so delivery times vary across Canada (Usually 4-7 days)

Can I purchase The Up & Out in a store?

We currently only offer the Up & Out on our website and through some online retailers. If ever we decide to make them available in stores, we will post it on our site.

Is The Up & Out available in the USA?

Currently, The Up & Out is only available for delivery to Canadian provinces. If you reside in the USA, please contact us directly and we can see how we can have one shipped to you!